Grant Guidelines

Excellence Grant Guidelines:

  • Applicants must be Cedar Falls Community School district (CFCSD) staff (this includes ALL staff: teachers, paras, secretaries, bus drivers, food service, administrators, counselors, nurses, custodians, etc!)
  • An individual applicant may request a $250-$1,000 grant; team applications may request a $250-$5,000 grant. Number of grants awarded will be based on amount of funding available.
  • Grants should benefit students.
  • Projects must align with the mission and vision of the District and Foundation, and comply with all district policies. Principal/supervisor approval is required for all applications.
  • Grants are designed to be used immediately, in the school year they are awarded. Funds will not carry over to the next school year and unused funds will be forfeited. Items purchased with grant funds become the property of CFCSD.
  • All expenses must be processed through the CFCSD Business Office. The Foundation does not reimburse individuals.
  • Requests for capital projects (i.e. permanent physical structures) and the funding of salaries will not be considered.
  • Recipients must complete a short recap report, including a summary, photo and testimonial from the grant. Recipients who do not meet this requirement may not be eligible for future funding.