Education in our school district comes in many different forms. We take a well-rounded approach to learning, providing students with first-class instruction, collaborative programming, teacher and peer support, and a diverse array of enrichment opportunities.

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District Performance Highlights


With a 96.1% graduation rate in 2018, Cedar Falls ranks 2nd among the state's 25 largest school districts.


The 2018 composite ACT score for the Cedar Falls School District, higher than both the state of Iowa composite (21.8), and the national composite (20.8).


In 2014 all schools in our district achieved an average daily attendance of 95% or better.

Iowa Core Curriculum

At the heart of any effective education strategy are sets of guidelines, standards, and best-practices. The Iowa Core is one such set of guidelines, providing our district staff with a comprehensive framework to work within.

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Teacher Education and Training

Weekly PLCs and ongoing training opportunities keep our teachers prepared and effective.

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Enrichment Opportunities

Exposing students to a wide range of experiences helps foster an environment of learning.

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Leader In Me

The Leader in Me program teaches our students leadership and life skills for the 21st century.

The 7 Habits for Kids

Student Services

Cedar Falls offers a comprehensive network of services to students who require a different approach to teaching and learning. We are committed to serving these students through support within general education classrooms as well as specific individualized services outside of the classroom.

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