Disclosure Statement

Disclosure Statement

The Cedar Falls Community School District will select for employment qualified applicants for each position without improper discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ethnic background, age genetic information or disability. Person with disabilities who can perform the essential functions of an assignment with or without reasonable accommodations shall be considered qualified applicants. The District shall take affirmative action in the recruitment, appointment, assignment, and advancement of personnel to accomplish the goals of equal employment opportunity. In keeping with the law, the District shall consider the veteran status of applicants.

To the fullest extent permitted by state and federal law, the Employer will consider all information concerning an applicant or an employee in making hiring, termination and other employment-related decisions. The term “all information” includes information of any kind (verbal, written, photographic, videographic, etc.) that is accessible in any medium (print, electronic, etc.) from any source.

The Employer will consider public information and other information to which it has lawful access. This may include information that is contained in social networking sites, blogs, and other electronic sites, such as YouTube. If there is information that pertains to the applicant that requires explanation, interpretation, or clarification when it is considered by the Employer, it is the applicant's obligation to communicate this information to the Employer.

Information that is relevant to the Employer’s decisions will be considered regardless of the date on which the Employer obtains the information and regardless of the date on which the information was first published, created, or made accessible to the Employer.

Individuals who provide false, inaccurate or incomplete information in the application form, in an interview, or any other part of the hiring process or who fail to disclose information requested in the application form, in an interview or any other part of the hiring process will not be eligible for employment, or, if they are hired, will be subject to termination.