Media and Press Resources

Media & Press Resources

Thank you for your interest in the Cedar Falls Community School District. We have compiled a collection of resources that we hope you will find useful. If you cannot find something you need, please contact Janelle Darst.

Media Inquiries

Janelle Darst
Coordinator of Communications and Community Relations
1002 West First Street
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

About Our District

Upholding our tradition of excellence is a product of the collaboration between our families, community and schools.

In continuing our charge to provide our students with a high quality education, we embrace change as it represents the world our students will enter as they continue their life’s journey. To keep our students prepared, we emphasize college and career readiness with the development of critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

Along with cognitive development we aim for our students to remain well-rounded individuals by providing them with numerous opportunities to excel in academics, the fine arts and athletics and other activities.

This message stays true in our classrooms. Students are held to a high academic standard and challenged with curriculum filled with rigor and relevance. Our educators remain committed to student achievement each day, and continually propel our students further after initial goals have been reached.

Our entire learning community remains dedicated to our vision of academic excellence for all students while remaining one of the best school districts in the state. With innovation, focus and rigor anything can be achieved at Cedar Falls Schools!

We accomplish this in several ways:

  1. We have a tremendous staff. They are focused on educating all students to reach their highest levels. 55% of our staff has a Master’s Degree, which epitomizes their dedication to lifelong learning.
  2. Our commitment to professional development fostered on Professional Learning Communities (PLC) provides a pathway to greater student success. Deep discussions on student data, pedagogies/teaching strategies, and collaboration are the key cornerstone for our PLC work to improve instruction, enhance student achievement, and continue to focus on Student by Student, Skill by Skill.
  3. We continue to enhance and explore options for 21st century school infrastructure. Facilities allow for better learning environments to teach and learn. The district has invested millions of dollars to continue to provide outstanding learning environments.
  4. As stated in our mission statement, creating caring and responsible citizens is extremely important in the Cedar Falls Community School District. We work diligently with the community and provide students opportunities to be involved in service learning and civic activities, to build leadership and foster responsibility regarding citizenship and giving back to the community.
  5. Finally, it takes a village to raise a child. The community, and especially our parents, see the vital importance of excellent relationships, engagement, and focusing on the future to gain greater success. The strength of our district is reflective of the vitality and collaboration with our community, parents, business/industry, and all stakeholders.

The Cedar Falls Community School District is the 17th largest in the state of Iowa, serving more than 5,200 students. As one of the largest employers in Black Hawk County, the school district has nearly 800 employees; full and part time.

Fast Facts

  • Number of students: 5,243
  • Number of teachers: 388
  • Percent of teachers holding master degrees: 55%
  • 39 native languages spoken by students in the Cedar Falls Community School District
  • English Language Learners: 2.4%
  • Minority: 15.4%
  • Special Education: 10.9%
  • Free & Reduced Lunch: 21.9%
  • Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) through 2018
  • Instructional Support Levy through 2022
  • State-Wide Penny through 2029
  • Tax Rate: $12.82531/$1,000 assessed valuation
  • Area: 60.6 square miles
  • School District Population: 40,251
  • Valuation of School Buildings: $122,737,447
  • Tax valuation of property within school district: $1,835,687,949
  • 483,675 square feet of new and renovated school buildings since 1999

Points of Pride

  • 2015 City of Cedar Falls Education Partner Award
  • 2015 & 2014 Robotics Team traveled to China to mentor a Chinese high school team
  • 2014 Iowa Department of Education: Breaking Barriers Award - Cedar Falls High School
  • 2013 US News and World Report and Newsweek: One of the top high schools in the state and nation - Cedar Falls High School
  • 2013 AP Annual Honor Roll Award: Cedar Falls High School
  • 2013 Iowa Department of Education: Breaking Barriers Award - Cedar Falls High School
  • 2012 AP Annual Honor Roll Award: Cedar Falls High School
  • 2012 US News and World Report and Newsweek: One of the top high schools in the state and nation - Cedar Falls High School
  • 2012 Project Lead the Way, a high school technology program - Partnership Response in Manufacturing Education (PRIME) Award
  • 2011 Cedar Falls Business & Industry Appreciation Partnership Award - CFCSD, UNI, City of Cedar Falls
  • 2010 Blue Ribbon School Award - Lincoln Elementary
  • 2010 Cedar Falls Business & Industry Appreciation Education Partner Award - Holmes Junior High
  • "Leader in Me" Program - Established 2009
  • 2008 American School & University Magazine: Outstanding Design Award for Lincoln Elementary
  • 2007 Cedar Falls Chamber of Commerce Education Partner Award - Lincoln Elementary
  • 2006 First in the Nation Education Award - North Cedar Elementary School
  • 2006 Blue Ribbon School Award - Peet Junior High
  • Cedar Falls Community Schools Foundation - Established 2006
  • K-12 Character Counts Program - Established 2005
  • 2005 Iowa State Education Friends of Education Award - Hansen Elementary School in recognition of outstanding volunteerism
  • 2004 - "Breaking Barriers to Learning and Teaching" - Iowa Department of Education for high student achievement
  • 2003 T.E. Davidson Award of Excellence - Presented to the Cedar Falls Board of Education by the Iowa Association of School Boards
  • 1996 Educational Equity Recognition Award

The official name of the school district is the Cedar Falls Community School District. However, the district is referred to as “Cedar Falls Schools” in most communications, publications, and other common usage.

For questions on use of the District logo, please contact Janelle Darst.