Financial Services

School financing is a complicated topic and the Cedar Falls Community School District works hard to provide the community with a broad, understandable overview of how the district’s funds are determined and allocated. We take our stewardship of taxpayer resources very seriously and, in an effort to transparently share our financial information with you, including Audit Reports, Certified Budget, Financial Reports, Financial Report Card and Property Tax Files.

Audit Reports
2020-2021 Independent Auditor's Report
2020-2021 Audit Report.pdf
2019-2020 Independent Auditor's Report
2019-2020 Audit Report.pdf
2018-2019 Independent Auditor's Report
2018-2019 Audit Report.pdf
2017-2018 Independent Auditor's Report
2017-2018 Audit Report.pdf
2016-2017 Independent Auditor's Report
2016-2017 Audit Report.pdf
2015-2016 Independent Auditors' Report
2015-2016 Audit Report.pdf
2014-2015 Independent Auditors' Report
2014-2015 Audit Report.pdf
2013-2014 Independent Auditors' Report
2013-2014 Audit Report.pdf
2012-2013 Independent Auditors' Report 
2012-2013 Audit Report.pdf

Certified Budgets
2022-23 Certified Budget
2022-2023 Budget Presentation Supporting Documentation.pdf
2021-22 Certified Budget
2021-2022 Budget Presentation.pdf
2021-22 Budget Supporting Documentation.pdf
2020-21 Certified Budget
2020-2021 Budget Presentation Documentation.pdf
2019-20 Certified Budget
2019-20 Budget Presentation.pdf
2019-2020 Budget Supporting Documentation.pdf
2018-19 Certified Budget
2018-19 Budget Presentation.pdf
2018-19 Budget Data.pdf
2017-18 Certified Budget
Budget Power Point Presentation
2017-18 Budget Presentation.pdf
Budget Presentation Supporting Documentation
17-18 Budget Supporting Documentation.pdf
2016-17 Certified Budget
Budget Power Point Presentation
Budget Presentation Supporting Documentation
2015-16 Certified Budget
Budget Power Point Presentation
Budget Presentation Supporting Documentation
2014-15 Certified Budget
Budget Power Point Presentation
Budget Presentation

Financial Reports
Fiscal Year 2017 - District Financial Report
District Financial Report fy2017.pdf
Fiscal Year 2016 - District Financial Report
District Financial Report fy2016.pdf
Fiscal Year 2015 - District Financial Report
District Financial Report fy2015 - final.pdf
Fiscal Year 2014 - District Financial Report
Fiscal Year 2013 - District Financial Report

Financial Report Card

Property Tax Files

Business Office Hours 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Business Office Staff
Denelle Gonnerman, CFO: 319-553-2434
Jana Speck, Supervisor of Financial Services: 319-553-2434
Michelle Weber, Assistant to the CFO/Benefits Coordinator: 319-553-2431
Kayleen Tierney, Payroll Specialist: 319-553-3016
Lori Wiley, Purchasing Specialist: 319-553-2438
Lisa Voves, Accounts Payable: 319-553-2435

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