Get Involved

Get Involved in your Child's Education

Tips for Parents

Ten things a parent can do to encourage a successful school experience:

  1. Provide a space for doing homework and a specific time for study.
  2. Participate in parent/teacher organization, booster meetings, school activities, information programs, conferences and open house.
  3. Maintain communication with your child's teachers and counselor.
  4. Surround your child with books and reading.
  5. Encourage your child to explore the world outside the classroom.
  6. Provide a positive example for your child of the behavior you expect.
  7. Listen to your child's unspoken as well as spoken words.
  8. Actively maintain communication with your child so that he/she is comfortable discussing sensitive issues.
  9. Celebrate the successes and recognize that failure is a part of the learning process.
  10. Demonstrate your love for your child by your acceptance, respect, and commitment.