Preschool Curriculum

Creative Curriculum for Preschool

  • Literacy – vocabulary and language, phonological awareness, letters, words, print, comprehension, books, and other texts
  • Mathematics – numbers, patterns and relationships, geometry and special awareness, measurement and data collection, organization and representation
  • Science – physical properties of objects, living things, and the earth and the environment
  • Social Studies – how people live, work, get along with others, and are shaped by their surroundings
  • Arts – dance, music, dramatic play, drawing and painting
  • Technology – tools and their basic operations and uses
  • Process Skills – observing and exploring, problem solving, and connecting, organizing, communicating, and representing information

How can I get involved?

We know you have given lots of love, time and effort to your child during his/her beginning years. And that's why we want to make your child's introduction to school a happy and exciting one. Each school has an active and involved parents’ organization (PTO/ PTA) which sponsors a variety of events and activities. Parents volunteer throughout the school and support school activities. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year to keep you informed on how your child is progressing. There will also be two home visits during the school year. You may also phone or e-mail your child's teacher to answer any of your questions.

23-24 Preschool handbook.pdf