Administration Center

Welcome to the Cedar Falls Community School District!

The Cedar Falls Community School District is committed to providing the best possible education to our students and focusing on every student, every day.

The combined efforts of the board of education, community members, parents, teachers and students have created an environment of high achievement and personal development. Stated simply, our mission of excellence is embodied in our desire for continuous improvement and our goal is to maximize the abilities of all of our students in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Our district’s success is attributed to an on-going approach to curriculum and staff development; specifically our Professional Learning Communities. We strive to embed technology, character and student leadership development throughout our District. Additionally, our achievements are because of people, like you, who actively advocate for and are supportive of our students.

Our district vision is based on the belief that adult collaboration promotes teacher effectiveness and ultimately the learning of our students. Striving for excellence encourages both adult and student learning, however, we continue to enhance our system to be better each day for our students. We value developing well-rounded students and future citizens.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. #tigerpride

Dr. Andy Pattee
Superintendent of Schools