Student Services

Student Services

Welcome to Student Services in Cedar Falls Schools! We hope this page helps you find the information you need about a variety of student services we provide in the district. Cedar Falls offers a comprehensive network of services to students who require a different approach to teaching and learning. We are committed to serving these students through support within general education classrooms as well as specific individualized services outside of the classroom. In Cedar Falls Schools, we educate ALL students to become lifelong learners and caring, responsible citizens.

This page is designed to help you find information about the following educational need areas: English Language Learners (ELL), Special Education Services, 504 Accommodation Plans and Homelessness. However, we know that there are a number of other items that fall under the student services umbrella from time to time. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

Dr. Jill White

Executive Director of Student Services

  • Preschool and Elementary Special Education

  • Elementary 504 Plans

  • Elementary Homebound Instruction

  • English Language Learners

  • Homeless Services

  • Health Services

  • Social Emotional Learning

Dan Scannell

Associate Director of Student Services

  • Secondary Special Education

  • Secondary 504 Plans

  • Secondary Homebound Instruction

  • Alternative School Programming

  • Transition Alliance Program (TAP)