Enrichment Opportunities

This service provides the classroom teacher with support so that enrichment is available to highly able learners in the regular classroom. Teachers collaborate with the TAG teacher to identify students who need the enrichment services through Talent Development Groups (elementary level), pull-out or push-in enrichment options (secondary level), and differentiation of curriculum within the classroom.

Differentiation and Enrichment are provided for students who demonstrate a need within a specific curricular area. A variety of levels of services are available to meet individual student needs. 

Programming is developed based upon student’s needs, strengths, interests, and talents. Programming is developed in collaboration with classroom teachers through the PLC process. 

This programming makes the service continuum wider to serve a larger number of students, allowing differentiation to take place in the regular classroom as well as in the gifted education classroom.

Other ways in which student needs may be met come from a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities offered by the school district.