Wills & Living Trusts

Wills & Living Trusts

How to Create a Bequest for the Cedar Falls Schools Foundation:
  1. Identify Gift Use: If you would like to include the Cedar Falls Schools Foundation in your plans for the future, thank you! We welcome the opportunity to hear and understand how you envision making an impact on Cedar Falls Community Schools. Together, we will complete our Planned Gift Intent form to ensure your gift fits your situation, satisfies your goals, and meets the school’s needs.
  2. Update your Will or Trust: Work with your attorney to include the Cedar Falls Schools Foundation. All that’s needed to leave a legacy gift is a few sentences. Suggested language is below, but we can provide more personalized language based on the intent of your gift.

Suggested Language for a Bequest in a Will or Trust
I give to the Cedar Falls Schools Foundation,an Iowa nonprofit corporation of Cedar Falls, Iowa, _____________ (specific amount or percentage) to be used for_____________ (as the board of directors of the Foundation shall determine or specific program/purpose).

In the event that circumstances make the specified use or administration of the gift no longer practical or desirable, the Board of Directors of the Cedar Falls Schools Foundation is hereby authorized to make changes in the use or administration of the gift to maintain, as much as is reasonably possible, its spirit and general intent.

We encourage you to share this suggested language with yourattorney. This information is not intended as legal or tax advice.

Benefits of including a gift in your Will:
  1. Amplify Your Impact: Gifts that take place after your death may enable you to make a larger contribution than you would have been able to during your lifetime. Additionally, you can plan for a future gift now without affecting your current cash flow.
  2. Identify what is important to you: Work with us now to ensure your gift will be carried out as desired.
  3. There’s no commitment: Circumstances can change and that’s okay. Because you are not actually making a gift until after your lifetime, you can change your mind and Will at any time.
  4. Enjoy Tax Benefits: By including charitable gifts in your Will, you may eliminate significant taxes payable upon your death.

Are There Other Ways to Leave a Planned Gift? Yes. Leaving a gift in a Will is a popular option, but not the only option. Depending on your situation and financial goals, you may want to consider other options such as naming us as a beneficiary of your IRA or life insurance policy, for example. Click here to learn more about these options.

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