Iowa Bandmasters

Congratulations the Peet Junior High 8th Grade Concert Band on being selected as the 3A/4A Middle School performing ensemble for the 2019 IBA Conference held in Des Moines!  This achievement is the highest honor that a band in the state of Iowa can achieve and is a show of the great commitment to music from the students, directors, administrators, and community of Cedar Falls.  

Nine (9) Iowa Middle and High Schools Bands have been selected to perform at the Iowa Bandmasters Association Conference held annually in Des Moines, Iowa.  Bands submit recordings in early January and are selected by a listening panel through a blind audition process. These bands are considered the premier performing ensembles in Iowa schools and selection to perform at the IBA Conference is one of the highest honors awarded for any band in the state of Iowa.  Categories include Elementary/Beginning Band, 1A/2A Middle School, 3A/4A Middle School, 1A High School, 2A High School, 3A High School, 4A High School, Middle School Jazz Band, and High School Jazz Band.

The Peet Junior High 8th Grade Concert Band has been selected as the 2019 performing 3A/4A Middle School School Concert Band. This fifty-six (56) student ensemble is under the direction of Mr. Ben Byersdorfer.  This is their second appearance at the Iowa Bandmasters Conference, having previously performed in 2015. Performances will take place at the 92nd IBA Conference, May 9-11, at the Des Moines Marriot Downtown.