State Volleyball Pep Bus - CLICK HERE

Deadline to sign-up: Wednesday, November 8 by 2:30pm – grades 9-12

  • A minimum of 25 students must be signed up and paid by the deadline.
  • Peet students must sign-up on the google form listed below, paid the $6.00 to the Peet office and turn in permission form to the office.
  • Permission form needs to be filled-out by parent/guardian – Permission forms were emailed out to all 9th grade parents/guardians


  • Students will be picked up at Peet at 7:50am
  • Students will need $10 to purchase a ticket at the door
  • Students will need money to purchase lunch at the arena
  • Students will return to Peet Jr. High after the match to return to classes until the end of the school day

Google Sign-Up Form