Beginning Of The Year Reminders 2018-2019

Lincoln Families - We wanted to share a few beginning of the year updates with you. We will send homeroom assignments to our families via email during the afternoon on Friday, August 17th. We send them one grade level at a time, so please be patient if you have multiple children at Lincoln.

A few important dates to begin the year for your planning:

8.21 - Backpack Night 4:30-6:00 PM

8.23 - First Day of School! 1:50 Dismissal

8.24 - Dismissal at 1:50 PM

8.27 - 1:50 PM student dismissal, Input Conferences 2:15-6:15 PM

8.28 -  1:50 PM student dismissal, Input Conferences 2:15-6:15 PM

8.29 - 1:50 PM student dismissal

8.30 - First Day for Preschool

8.30 - Kinder through 6th grade begins regular dismissal time, 3:45 PM

9.3 - No School

Please ensure you make plans for the first five days of school when we dismiss early!

How will we sign up for Input Conferences? During Backpack Night, please visit our Cafeteria to sign up for Input Conferences. We will have both our class lists and sign up sheets available. Our Specials staff will be available to help families.

A few additional reminders (if needed):

When can I pay my school fees? You may pay school fees online or in the building now. Fees are listed here.

How do we sign up for transportation to or from school? You may request transportation using this form.

How do I complete a free or reduced meals application? Please visit this page for the applications. If you need help, we are also able to help you at Lincoln.

If I would like to connect with our school nurse about health needs, how should I get in contact with them since we are not having a physical registration? We would encourage you to communicate with our Nurse, Christy Kelly, by email. Her email is

How can I get involved? We welcome your involvement in our school and look forward to partnering with families! If you would like to help, please consider volunteering in a classroom, supporting PALS (Parents and Lincoln School), helping Farm to School or many other available opportunities. To begin the year, we will ask all volunteers to complete a Volunteer Information form before beginning. These are available in our office.

Last, please review this handout on arrival and dismissal to help maintain safety as we begin the school year.

See you soon!


Ralph Bryant

Lincoln Elementary Principal