Registration Fees

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TEXTBOOK FEES:  Elementary - $43.00; Junior High - $58.00; Senior High - $58.00

Items included in the junior and senior high textbook fees are towel fees, workbooks, paperback books in addition to what the school furnishes, homemaking, art, industrial arts basic fees, classroom-used magazines, special reading laboratory materials, laboratory student work manuals and other small items.  This fee does not include the purchasing of safety classes or gym clothing.

TOWEL FEE – Towel fee at Senior High and Junior High will be $3.00 per pupil.  This fee is included in the textbook fee.

The junior high fee of $58.00 should be separated as follows:

            Textbook Fee - $55.00

            Towel Fee - $3.00

The senior high fee of $58.00 should be separated as follows:

            Textbook Fee - $55.00

            Towel Fee - $3.00

ACTIVITY PASS: Elementary - $40.00; Junior High - $45.00; Senior High - $45.00

SNACK MILK COST (Prices Effective August 1, 2016)

1st Semester $40.00

2nd Semester $40.00

Annual Cost $80.00

SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM(Prices Effective August 1, 2016)

Meal Cost:










$  .40

$  .30

Adult/2nd Meal



Extra Milk:

$  .50

A reduced-price lunch cannot exceed $ .40.  A reduced-price breakfast cannot exceed $ .30.

Unfortunately with the change in the student information system the district is unable to process online payments, please bring a form of payment with you along with the enrollment form you receive in the mail. There will be the ability to run credit/debit cards on registration day.