Board Goals

Cedar Falls Community School District
2015-16 Board of Education Goals

Goal 1: The Board will focus on student achievement and undertake a culture of learning and participatein the following:
Learn, discuss and gain a deeper understanding of the CAPS program
Receive, discuss and act on a 5 year plan from the World Language Committee:
-One board member will serve on this committee
-Plan will be sustainable, focus on best practice, be systemic in nature, allow for flexibility/training/support structure and be comprehensive in nature for Elementary, Junior High and High School
Create and pass a bond referendum to execute the District Facility Master Plan.
-Create a plan outlining the next steps for a bond referendum
-Work with multiple entities to ensure better understanding of the needs and impact a bond may have on residents and students
Present to organizations and stakeholders information, opportunities for feedback and time for questions to help clarify the direction and needs of the District.

Goal 2: The Board will "model learning" by engaging in reading and discussing topics of culture, climate and character education and the impact programs have on education:
Read articles and relevant literature regarding character education and culture/climate
-Gain a deeper understanding of programs
-Explore opportunities that exist in other districts
-Research the impact of programs socially and educationally
-Collaborative discussions to determine deeper understanding and next steps

Goal 3: The Board will continue to build and support awareness of the PLC process and enhance its engagement and visibility at the building level and at PTO/PTA meetings:
Attend PTO/PTA meetings to discuss, provide information and gather feedback
Board information reports regarding PLC and technology in our District
Board member visits to buildings during PLC time and to see process first hand including technology training
Include information on PLC when visiting PTO/PTA and other community groups