Board Goals

Cedar Falls Community School District
2018-19 Board of Education Goals

Goal 1 Student Achievement: The Board will focus on student achievement and undertake a culture of learning and participate in the following:

  • Study, implement and create a plan for a referendum for a new Cedar Falls High School
  • Learn, discuss and gain a deeper understanding of the newly implemented K-12 Computer Science Sequence
  • Create a process to set benchmarks and delineate data to be collected (survey of graduates, college retention rates, etc.) regarding what success means for our graduates.
  • Create opportunities to visit new High School buildings to explore:
    • Utilization of space for unique and enriching programs
    • How collaborative spaces are utilized to enhance the learning environment
    • Safety and security enhancements developed and employed
  • Discuss best practice and learn about student grading, magnet schools, project based learning, etc., following IASB Annual Conference and throughout the year

Goal 2 Culture/Climate: The Board will "model learning" and enhance support and expansion of a positive climate and culture across our District:

  • Participate in article and chapter reviews including:
    • The Language of School Design by Nair, Fielding and Lackney
    • Best practices in grading
    • Research regarding environment in relationship to learning
  • Participate in a joint meeting with the Cedar Falls City Council and CFU Board of Directors
  • Participate in an episode of Parent University or Currents Up Close to discuss:
    • Roles, responsibilities and decision making processes of a School Board Member
    • Referendum process and FAQ regarding New High School
    • Recent graduates and the impact of Cedar Falls in preparing them for their future

Goal 3 PLC: The Board will continue to build and support awareness of the PLC process and enhance its engagement and visibility at the building level and at PTO/PTA meetings:

  • Attend PTO/PTA meetings to discuss, provide information and gather feedback
  • Visit buildings during the regular school day, PLC time and staff training to see work that is ongoing throughout our District
  • When appropriate, observe professional development within the district