Board Goals

Cedar Falls Community School District 2017-18 Board of Education Goals

Goal 1 Student Achievement: The Board will focus on student achievement and undertake a culture of learning and participate in the following:

  • Learn, discuss and gain a deeper understanding of the CAPS program
  • Start a process to create and utilize benchmarks with other high achieving Districts across the Midwest
    Explore what benchmarks/metrics to utilize
    • Visit 6 high achieving District, of which, at least 3 will be outside the state of Iowa.
    • Update and approve a new 5 year technology plan, focusing the District's work on further implementation, student learning and enhancing our technology system.
      Discuss best practice and learn about student grading, magnet schools, project based learning, etc., following IASB Annual Conference and throughout the year.

Goal 2 Culture/Climate: The Board will "model learning" and enhance support and expansion of a positive climate and culture across our District:

  • Participate in a book study centered on grading
    Participate in a joint meeting with the Cedar Falls City Council and CFU Board of Directors
    Participate in an episode of Parent University or Currents UpCiose to discuss roles, responsibilities and decision making processes of a School Board Member.

Goal 3 PLC: The Board will continue to build and support awareness of the PLC process and enhance its engagement and visibility at the building level and at PTO/PTA meetings:

  • Attend PTO/PTA meetings to discuss, provide information and gather feedback
    Visit buildings during the regular school day, PLC time and staff training to see work that is ongoing throughout our District