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This meeting is for parents ONLY.

Online registration will be piloted at North Cedar and Southdale Elementary.
You should have received information on completing online registration.
If you have internet access or smart phone access, please complete the online registration process before the Parent Only Meeting on Tuesday, February 21. Documents may be uploaded either by taking a picture and uploading the picture or by scanning the document to pdf and uploading the pdf. If you do not have internet access or smart phone access and/or need assistance in completing the online registration process, we will have technology available for you to use at the parent meeting. If you are able to take a picture of all documentation and save it to your smart phone, that will help the process. If not, please bring documentation with you. Once you create your login and start the process, your information will be saved, so if you need to complete it at a later time, you will be able to do so.

Required Documents
Birth Certificate
2 forms of proof of Residency (Choose 2 from the following list.)
    Current Utility bill which verifies occupancy (If you are new to Cedar Falls and have signed up for utilities, but do not yet have a bill, you can call CFU at 268-5280 and     ask that they fax a proof of residency for you to 319.277.0614 or email it to
    Rent receipt or closing statement
    Current lease agreement
    Payroll check with address
    Mortgage document or purchase agreement that shows ownership
    Current property tax statement
    Direct Certification letter from Department of Human Services

Other Information Needed
Physician and Dentist Contact Information

The VISIT DAY for incoming kindergarteners will be May 17, 9-11 a.m.

2017-2018 Elementary & Secondary Registration Information will be posted soon.