Holmes (Past and Current) Students Shine in State Constitution Contest

How well do you know your Constitution? Probably not as well some of these current and former Holmes Jr. High students. On Monday, January 13th, five Cedar Falls Schools students traversed the cold weather to West Des Moines to participate in the Know Your Constitution Program, sponsored by the State Bar Association. 

Students were tasked with completing a multiple choice quiz, and students in grades 9-12 were also challenged to write a short essay on the U.S. Constitution. Winning entries are selected from each of Iowa’s 100 Legislative Districts and are rewarded with a luncheon, where then five students are selected for an excursion to Washington D.C. 

And congratulations are in order to the other students invited to the luncheon: (pictured from right to left) Jacob Smothers (8), Vedanti Sankpal (10), Maddie Castings (10), Jillian Kellum (9), and Param Sampat (8).

This year, one such lucky Cedar Falls student, Emma Yarrow (10), was selected as one of five to receive the ultimate trip to Washington D.C. Congratulations, Emma! Emma is the fifth Cedar Falls Schools student in five years to be selected.