Stacking Those Lunch Trays to Help Our Earth

    Eating in our classroom has been a lot of fun, but when we’re done eating and head out to the hallway to empty our trays, that’s where the fun ends.  We see wasted food and garbage piling up in the cans. The first day both fifth and sixth grades filled 4 garbage cans with just our lunch garbage! That’s too much garbage going to the landfill.  We noticed that the garbage that was taking up the most space was the styrofoam trays. The next day we had a conversation about volume and capacity and saw how these Math words fit into this problem.  Proactive Kids see a PROBLEM and search for a SOLUTION. We decided instead of just randomly tossing the trays into the cans, we would stack them instead. We saw the results!

    The fifth grade alone now fills up only 1 can for both classes combined.  We now are taking up less space in the landfill with North Cedar lunch leftovers. Sounds like a Win-Win to us! Thank you to Lennon, Francis, Joslynn, Jack, Chris, Jamie, Dazha, Eva, and Paige for being our Proactive Plate Pilers!