Lincoln Weekly Announcements 2023-03-24

Lincoln Families - Thank you for a great week!

A few important dates and announcements to begin the year for your planning:

3.24 - Challenge to Change Yoga

3.24 - 4th Grade to the First Robotics competition at UNI

3.28 - 4th Grade to GBPAC for Waterloo Symphony concert

3.31 - Preschool and 1st grade to GBPAC at 10 AM

New Items:

Families - we need your help with student safety each morning and afternoon. Students who arrive early are not supervised by school staff. We ask them not to arrive until 8:30 to be sure our staff are available to help everyone start their day positively. As a reminder, Safety Patrol students should not arrive before 8:20. Thank you!

Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) - During the week of April 3rd, all Cedar Falls 3rd-6th grade students will take the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) tests. These will be taken digitally using our Chromebooks. Students and families can take advantage of online practice tests to help students prepare ( We will also be using these practice tests during school. Please help our students to be ready by ensuring they are rested, fed and come to school with a positive mental attitude. We ask that families ensure students are at school and appointments are avoided during this week. Last, we will ask students to leave home electronic devices (phones and watches) or be prepared to turn in to staff during testing. If you have questions, please let us know!

Dance Marathon - Lincoln is holding a mini dance marathon again! During the week of March 27th-31st students can purchase $1 paper hearts in the morning right outside the office. After purchasing a heart, students can put their name on it or a friend’s name on it and hang it on the wall near the office. Students can donate any amount of money they choose. The money will go to the Iowa Children’s Hospital in Iowa City. If a student can’t donate, it’s okay! All students will celebrate the fact that we are donating to such a great cause when dancing at our mini dance marathon on March 31st (during the school day). 

Our Spring Book Fair Is Coming! ( Get excited!! Our book fair is coming April 3rd-7th! Next week 1st-6th grade students will preview the fair and bring home a wish list for you. They will also be bringing home a flyer for the fair. Here is additional information for you!

VOLUNTEER - We need LOTS of volunteers to help - you can sign up here (  

SCHEDULE - 3rd-6th grade students will shop during their regular library time. Younger         students can shop with an adult during one of the family shopping times.  Click here to see student and family shopping times (

eWALLET - Skip sending money to school! You can set up an eWallet here ( for your student to use at the fair. Any funds left in the Wallet can be used to shop online. We've had several families ask about making donations so kids who might otherwise not be able to purchase books at the fair can. You can donate to that fund here (

Thank you for supporting our school library and your child's love of reading!

Conditions for Learning Survey ( - Students in Grades 3-6 will be given the Conditions for Learning Survey during the week of April 10th. The state uses this as part of our rating for the State Performance Profile. If you do not wish for your child to participate, please complete the attached form and return to school. Thank you!

Planning For The 2023-2024 School Year - Planning for the needs of our current and future students in Cedar Falls is important to us. We are asking that each preschool and elementary school family assist us by providing the following information. We will send home a hard copy to each family, please complete either the hard copy or this electronic form. Thank you for your help! (

Kindergarten Preparation Program - Kinder Prep is a program offered by our district to support students who are younger and would benefit from an additional year before beginning kindergarten. Registration information will happen between April 3rd-14th. Please refer to this link for additional information (!

Dressing For The Weather - We do our best to be outside as much as possible. We have entered the time of year when our weather seems to change quickly. Please ensure students are prepared for these changes. We will also ask students to wear coats until the temperature is above 50 degrees (real feel). If a student is not dressed properly, we will lend them a coat for the recess to allow them to be outside (

Weather Delay Information - As a reminder if weather dictates a late start the district will utilize a 90-minute late start schedule. At Lincoln, this means our start time will be 10:15 AM. In addition, you can add 90 minutes to the scheduled bus pick up times. Also, if we have a late start, we do not serve breakfast and will follow our normal lunch schedule.

Information To Remember:

Arrival And Dismissal - we are working to help our students safely enter and leave the building. In the morning, students can arrive between 8:30 and 8:45. They will report to their classrooms. We do not provide supervision before 8:30 AM. At the end of the day, we will first dismiss students by grade who ride the bus. Following this, we will dismiss students who are picked up or walk home. Our staff will walk students to the door. Our Kindergarten and 1st grade students will dismiss at their outside classroom doors, second grade will dismiss onto the east playground, third grade will also dismiss onto the east playground, fourth grade will dismiss using our main entrance doors on 8th street and 5th and 6th grade will dismiss using our 7th street doors. We appreciate families making and following consistent after school plans, please do not ask your students to wait on our playgrounds until you are able to arrive.  Thank you for helping us support safe morning arrivals and afternoon dismissals!

Wednesday Early Dismissal - we dismiss every Wednesday at 1:50 PM. Please be sure to set a reminder to pick up students promptly. Our staff use this time to collaborate to support learning for our students.

Snacks and Birthday Treats - We are proud to be a Blue Zones school and encourage healthy choices when students bring food for their daily snack. In addition, to support safety this school year when celebrating birthdays, we will ask for families to bring prepackaged items to minimize handling. Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

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