Our Fall Fundraiser Is Underway!

Lincoln Families - Our Fall fundraiser is underway! A few quick reminders:

 - Our fundraiser goes through Friday, October 4th.

 - Students will have a packet with a letter (attached), order forms and catalogs. The coupons at the bottom are used to collect small prizes after selling every 5 items. These can be collected at the office.

 - Our fundraising representative reminded our students that being safe during the fundraiser is our most important job! Students were reminded not to sell to strangers.

 - Families often ask if they can make a donation rather than sell items. The answer is YES!

 - All items, except those ordered online and shipped directly to family members, will be available for pickup in our Gym after school on Thursday, November 21st. Sorry for my error yesterday! Please mark your calendars!

Thank you for supporting Lincoln School through this fundraiser! We have been able to support our students and staff in many ways with funds raised by our students and families! If you have questions, please ask!