Mileage Club Volunteers Needed

We are looking for Parent volunteers for our Mileage club here at Lincoln.  This program is a walking/running program targeted at schools around America.  The program is enjoyable and motivates children to get moving.  This recess-hour program is simple to run.  Students walk around the track several times a week.  Mile markers are checked every time the child completes a lap.  When recess ends, students return their cards to their personal file (in the classroom).  For each five miles walked, the child is rewarded with a Toe Token (brightly colored plastic foot) to put on a shoelace or chain.  As a volunteer you will supervise and punch mile marker cards after each lap is completed.  Please help to encourage healthy active lifestyles for our students.  Volunteer!  If interested please contact Mrs. Kowalski at 553-2982 or by email at

Recesses available to volunteer (1 - 5 times a week):

6th Grade:  11:20-11:45

5th Grade:    12:15-12:40

4th Grade:  12:45-1:10

3rd Grade:  11:45-12:05