Bike Club Winners

Holmes Bicycle Club

Advisors:  Sue Green & Lauren Bauer

Sponsors:  Bike Tech & Iowa Bicycle Coalition

Fall 2016 – Attendance Winners

                8/8 Fridays                               7/8 Fridays               6/8 Fridays

Emma Bonjour           Makayla Kinder          Katie Butler               David Aslamov

Grace Bobeldyk         Mason Niu                 Antoine Cuhat            Joey Phillips

David Butler              Jordan Rundel           Isaiah Jennings

Will Coloff                        Colin Seekes              Kendall Mallarlo

Charis Crozier            Logan Stoll                Nick Thompson

Nina Espino-Curtis      Annika Strohm

Eli Flikkema               Hari Surnedi

Ethan Hughes            Aleah Timm

Jack Jarchow

                        *Attendance Award”                                         *Attendance Award*                *Attendance Award”

                        $10 Bike Tech Gift                                           $10 Bike Tech Gift                   Water Bottle from

                        Card plus your name                                          Card and a Water Bottle           Bike Tech

                        In a drawing for a $50 Bike Tech Gift  Card and a Water Bottle

  •  Fifty-four students rode at least one day.  Principal Jeremy Jones rode
  • one morning and Para-educator Angie Brummel rode six mornings.
  • An average of 30 students rode their bikes the eight Fridays of September and October.
  • The days with the highest attendance were Sept 2 with 40 riders and Sept. 9 with 38 riders.
  • The students could choose a banana or a pencil on each check-in day.
  • Twenty-five students rode the October 21.  Hot Chocolate was the treat.
  •  Eli Flikkema and Aleah Timm won the $50 gift certificates.