Registration Open for Cedar Heights Talent Show!

Registration is open for the Cedar Heights Got Talent talent show!

What should I do for the talent show?

This is a question kids ask themselves, their parents, and their friends every year when it's time for the school talent show. The talent show is the perfect opportunity to strut your stuff in front of all your friends and teachers, and show them just what you’ve got. From the obvious to the original, there are plenty of choices. If you’ve been taking performance lessons of any kind, such as acting, singing, dancing, gymnastics, or playing a musical instrument, then you’re all set with an excellent act. Other creative ideas are also welcome - magic show, karate demonstration, jump-rope, poetry recitation, yo-yo routine– the sky is the limit for “Cedar Heights’ Got Talent.”

Auditions for the shows will be after school on Monday, April 29 and Thursday, May 2. You can also make a video of your act and send it to Mrs. Ahrens. Video auditions will be due to Mrs. Ahrens by 5 p.m. on Friday, May 3 or the act will not be included in the program. Please sign up for the day you plan to have your student audition (or indicate that you will be doing a video audition). All acts must contain material that is appropriate for school. Time limit for all acts is 3 minutes (All acts will be cut at the 3:00 mark). Try to be creative and original. Musical acts must have music available at the audition, please give us the link to any YouTube videos, or a CD with the music on it. We will not accept personal devices for music. There will be a piano available for piano acts. Come to the audition well-rehearsed.

The talent shows will be held on Friday, May 24, and Friday, May 31. The times will be announced once we have an idea of the length of the shows.

If your child is interested in performing in our talent show, please fill out the form below. If there are multiple students in an act, a form needs to be filled out for EACH student, to ensure that all parents have given their permission for their children to participate, as well as to provide contact information as we get close to the show time. Please complete the form by 5 p.m. on April 19. We will not be accept any acts after April 19 at 5 p.m.

If you have any questions regarding the talent show, please contact Tiffany Ahrens by email at

You can register for the talent show with the link below:

Talent Show Registration Form