Board Policies

Last revised: November 14, 2011


Development of Policy

The board has jurisdiction to legislate policy for the school district with the force and effect of law. Board policy provides the general direction as to what the board wishes to accomplish while allowing the superintendent to implement board policy.

The written policy statements contained in this manual provide guidelines and goals to the citizens, administration, employees and students in the school district community. The policy statements are the basis for the formulation of regulations by the administration. The board will determine the effectiveness of the policy statements by evaluating periodic reports from the administration.

Policy statements may be proposed by a board member, administrator, employee, student or member of the school district community. Proposed policy statements or ideas will be submitted to the superintendent’s office for possible placement on the board agenda. It is the responsibility of the superintendent to bring these proposals to the attention of the board.

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Date of Adoption

January 22, 2007

Date of Revision

November 14, 2011

Date of Review
May 11, 2015