Board Policies

Last revised: November 28, 2011


Duties of Officers

  1. President — The president of the Board of Directors presides at all of its meetings, signs all warrants and drafts, respectively, drawn upon the treasurer for money apportioned and taxes collected and belonging to the school corporation, and all orders on the treasurer drawn as provided by law, signs all contracts made by the board, and appears on behalf of the school corporation in all actions brought by or against it. The president shall be entitled to vote as a member.
  2. Vice President — In the absence of the president, the vice president shall serve, and, in so doing, shall exercise all the powers and bear all the responsibilities of the president.
  3. Treasurer — The treasurer shall receive all monies belonging to the school corporation, pay the same out only upon the order of the president, countersigned by the secretary, keeping an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures. The treasurer shall register all orders drawn and reported to the treasurer by the secretary, showing the number, date, to whom drawn, the fund upon which drawn, the purpose and the amount. At a regular or special meeting held prior to or on August 15, the board shall meet, examine the books of and settle with the secretary and treasurer for the year ending on the thirtieth day of June preceding. At such settlement, the treasurer shall furnish the board with a sworn statement from each depository showing the balance then on deposit in such depository. The treasurer shall also make an annual report to the board which shall show the amount of the general fund and schoolhouse fund held over, received, paid out, and on hand, the several funds to be separately stated.
  4. Secretary — A board secretary may be appointed from employees, other than a position requiring a teaching certificate, or from the public. To finalize the appointment, the board secretary will take the oath of office during the meeting at which the individual was appointed or no later than ten days thereafter. It is the responsibility of the board secretary, as custodian of school district records, to preserve and maintain the records and documents pertaining to the business of the board; to keep complete minutes of special and regular board meetings, including closed sessions; to keep a record of the results of regular and special elections; to keep an accurate account of school funds; to sign warrants drawn on the school funds after board approval; and collect data on truant students. The board secretary will also be responsible for filing the required reports with the Iowa Department of Education. In the event the board secretary is unable to fulfill the responsibilities set out by the board and the law, the director of human resources will assume those duties until the board secretary is able to resume the responsibility or a new board secretary is appointed. The board secretary will give bond in an amount set by the board. The cost of the bond will be paid by the school district.
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Date of Adoption

July 11, 1977

Date of Revision

January 9, 1989
September 16, 1996
September 23, 2002
November 13, 2006
November 28, 2011

Date of Review
May 11, 2015