Board Policies

Last revised: November 28, 2011


Long-Range Needs Assessment

The board shall conduct ongoing and in-depth needs assessment, soliciting information from business, industry, labor, higher education, and community members regarding their expectations for adequate student preparation as responsible citizens and successful wage earners.

The superintendent will develop a process for long-range needs assessment, and the district will provide opportunities for local feedback on an ongoing basis. The process needs to include three items:

  • provisions for collecting, analyzing and reporting information derived from local, state and national sources;
  • provisions for reviewing information acquired on the following:
    • state indicators and other locally determined indicators,
    • locally established student learning goals,
    • specific data collection required by state and federal programs;
  • provisions for collecting and analyzing assessment data on the following: – state indicators
    • locallydeterminedindicators,
    • locally established student learning goals.

The Board of Education will annually appoint a School Improvement Advisory Committee. The purpose of the committee is to:

  1. gain stake-holder input at key stages of the Comprehensive School Improvement Process,
  2. improve communication between the Cedar Falls Community School District and the broader Cedar Falls community,
  3. to meet the requirements of Iowa Code § 281-IA12.8(1)(a)(2).

The charge of the School Improvement Advisory Committee is to make recommendations to the Board of Education in regard to major educational needs, student learning goals, long-range district goals, annual improvement goals for the state indicators that address reading, mathematics, science, and harassment or bullying prevention goals, programs, training, and other initiatives. Membership in the committee will include parents, students, teachers, administrators, and community members.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to: a). ensure the school district community is apprised of the board’s policies, programs and goals, as well as students’ progress on state and locally determined indicators, and shall report to the board about means used to keep the community informed, and b). annually report the school district’s progress made under the plan to the committee, community and Iowa Department of Education.

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Date of Adoption

May 8, 1989

Date of Revision

September 16, 1996 April 10, 2000 September 23, 2002 November 13, 2006 November 28, 2011

Date of Review
May 11, 2015