Pop Can Collection for High School Robotics


We raised almost $1000 for the Cedar Falls Robotics Team!  Thank you for all of your donations!  Read this great article about our students!

The Cedar Falls robotic's team 525 Swartdogs has made it to the World Championship in Detroit, Michigan later this month.  The team qualified by being the 2nd place team in a North Dakota regional event in March.  They also finished 2nd place out of 61 teams in the Cedar Falls regional event last weekend.  Robotics involves the use of computer programming, mechanical and electrical engineering, teamwork, and public speaking to name a few.  This is the highest level of FIRST robotics.  Elementary students are able to start in the FIRST program by joining FLL Junior Lego leagues. As students move to 7th grade, they are able to build and code even bigger robotics in FTC.  By 9th grade students are able to join FRC, the largest and most complex of robots.  All levels of robotics are able to compete globally with students around the world in Detroit.

Attending Detroit is an amazing accomplishment, but it also comes with a price tag.  The entry fee just to compete is $5,000.  That price does not include the cost to travel, stay, and eat for 5 days.  So they need our help.  

On TuesdayWednesday, and Thursday we need you to bring in empty pop cans.  Bring in all the pop cans from everyone you know.   Ask your neighbors, friends and family.  They will probably be more than happy to give you their empty pop cans so they don't have to take the time to redeem them.  Bring cans to your classroom teacher and 3rd graders will collect them at the start of the day.  Please, no glass bottles.  Imagine how much we CAN collect for the team at 5 cents each!

The classroom who brings in the most pop cans over the 3 days will get Dairy Queen, 525 Swartdog prizes, and their picture with the robot and team this Friday at an assembly.  That's right...Team 525 Swartdogs are bringing a robot to Orchard Hill to show all of you what robotics is all about.  Are you ready to win?  Bring in those empty cans starting tomorrow.