Coming Feb 20! Hurts Donuts

Donuts coming on Tuesday, February 20.  Pickup from 12-2 AND 3:30-5.

To all donut customers:
Due to the potential 3-6” of snow here and 5-8” of snow in Coralville we have to postpone the delivery day of the Hurts donuts. We hate to have to do this but we worry about the safety of those driving early Friday morning to get the donuts. I am working with Hurts donut and their schedule to come up with a new date. As soon as we have that date I will send out another message.

Once again we appreciate your support of this fundraiser and we apologize for this inconvenience.

February's event is a little different. We will be working with the Coralville Hurts Donuts and will be selling donuts by the dozen. The donuts will be delivered to school on February 9th. They will make great early Valentine's Day treats for your family, friends, and coworkers. Donuts are to be preordered by January 25th. Check out the attached flier. Feel free to print this flier out and return with a check for the donuts anytime before January 25th.Image title