Halloween Activities

Orchard Hill will celebrate Halloween on Monday, October 31.  The parade will start at 2:45 on the blacktop (weather permitting).  K-3 students will march in the parade and 4-6 students will be spectators.  Parties will follow in the classroom.  Students should bring their costumes to change into on that day.  We ask that costumes be appropriate for school. That means if toy weapons are a part of the costume, the weapon part of the costume needs to stay home. You can use it for trick or treating, but not for school. “Gory” costumes (as in those with blood gushing down the masks) should also be saved for trick or treating time. Thanks for helping us keep this a fun, safe time. If you do not want your child to participate due to religious or personal reasons, please let the classroom teacher know. If you have additional questions or concerns, please talk to your child's teacher.