Red Ribbon Week 2016

Orchard Hill Red Ribbon Week Activities

October 24th-28th, 2016

Overall Theme:  “Leaders Rock the Red: Believe in yourself; Be Drug Free!”

Monday: Synergize: “Let’s Rock the Red” (Crazy Hair day / Red and Black Clothing)

Students and staff are invited to wear red and black to show our unity and symbolize our commitment to work together to create a healthy life and to “Black Out Bad Choices.”  This is also crazy hair day!

Each student will receive a bookmark with a positive message that reinforces a theme of the week.

Tuesday: Put First Things First: “Chews to Read as Readers Become Leaders” (Gum Day)

Students are welcome to bring gum to chew at school today.

Educational Activity books will be given out to students in 1st through 6th grades. There are different books for each grade level. These activity books reinforce concepts in the health and counseling curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to use the information and integrate the activities into your lessons throughout the week.

Option: Teachers could give students extra “DEAR” time.

A special thanks to POWWER for purchasing the activity books and bookmarks that will be given out this week .

Wednesday: Begin with the End in Mind: “My Future is Bright; No drugs in Sight” (Dress in bright colors)

Students and staff are invited to wear bright colors and sunglasses in honor of the theme.

A Leader is a Hero! Help, Encourage, & Respect Others.

Optional activities

Have students write about a person in their life who is a HERO. They could describe how this person, helps, encourages, and respects others. They could even give this person a copy of their writing.

Students could draw or write about what they want to be in the future and describe how good character traits or being drug free would help them be successful in this career.    

Students could write a note of encouragement to themselves or someone else.         

Thursday:  Begin with the End in Mind: “Get your Grit on; Believe; Achieve; and Lead” (Dress for Success / Career Day)

Students and staff are invited to look their best and “dress for success.” Students may also dress in clothing of a career they are interested in.

Optional Activities:

Students could draw, write or share examples of showing grit in their lives. Discuss the difference between “Fixed Mindset” and “Growth Mindset” and what “yet” means. “YET” means that something might not be able to happen right now, but it could happen in the future. Students could respond to the following statements: “I Can ______________”  and “I Can’t ________________ yet!”

Optional Activity: Read the students a short story or “read aloud” about an inspirational person who showed leadership and grit by working hard and never giving up. See Dave if you would like some ideas or if you would like to borrow a book with some suggestions.

Friday:  “Rock the Red: Orchard Hill Leaders Rock Kindness” (Spirit Day: Orchard Hill Clothing)

Students are invited to show their school pride by wearing red or Orchard Hill Clothing today.

  • Optional activities
  •  Have each student design a dinner placemat that reads “I am a leader at home too!”  Students could design a placemat featuring one or more of the Seven Habits and how they can be a “Leader” at home too.  Send the placemats home for families to use and discuss.  Dave has placemats in his office for you to use.
  • Students are encouraged to write a thank you note or a note of appreciation or encouragement to a friend or classmate, parent, relative or neighbor. Emphasize how even the smallest act of kindness can really make a difference in our school and local community.  All families are encouraged to do this at home as well.
  • Students may do any one of the optional activities from earlier in the week.


There will be daily Announcements related to the theme of the day.

The district will send a newsletter home to parents

Counselor lessons will focus on safety, health, and being drug free.

Red Ribbons will be placed outside various classroom doors around the school.