Learning About The Legacy Of The Five Sullivan Brothers

Our third grade students had an amazing visit from Robert Kraft and Paul Mayer, leaders of the R/V Petrel. These men have the unique job of searching for lost ships using state of the art technology and honoring the vision of their late founder, Paul Allen. They were responsible for finding the USS Juneau in 2018, which lost 687 sailors including Waterloo's five Sullivan brothers during the Battle of Guadalcanal. Our students learned how these men and their crew locate and confirm ships for countries and communities across the world. In addition, this amazing learning opportunity was featured on Paul Allen's website, which is dedicated to preserving his legacy. Thank you Mr. Kraft and Mr Mayer for your work on behalf of the Sullivan family! We are also proud that Ms. Sullivan carries this tradition forward each day in her work as a 3rd grade teacher at Lincoln and as the sponsor of the USS The Sullivans ship! Please check out the full story here!

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