We are off and learning in KINDergarten!  Mrs. Clausen, Ms. Knock, Mrs. Linck and Mrs. Klein's classes all have toured the building looking for Pete the Cat, (Mrs. Nelson said we just missed him!) and we had a special visitor this week, Mr. Bryant!  The kids even got to show off their rhyming skills as he read the book, Late for School.   So much learning is taking place that we are going home pretty tired each day!  However, we are excited to get to the longer days and more learning!  We talked about WHY are we in KINDergarten and we decided we are here to 1- learn A LOT!, 2- have fun, and 3- make friends!  Did you notice we spelled KINDergarten with uppercase letters?  We want to make sure we are KIND in KINDergarten! #everystudenteveryday