We Need Your Help on Thursday, June 15th at 3 PM!

We need your help!


With the help of many hands last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we have placed most of our new playground equipment! We appreciated all of the help and food or water donations, especially in the heat! This hard work will really benefit our students next year!


We have two more steps to complete this work. First, on Thursday, June 15th, we will need to place concrete to secure our equipment. We plan to start at 3 PM. We would appreciate as many hands as possible to help us level all equipment while we use wheelbarrows to pour concrete into each hole. We will have an adult to watch little ones if needed and in our Gym if it continues to be warm. We need many hands, shovels, post hole diggers and wheelbarrows please!


After the concrete has set for at least 7 days, we will put out a call for assembling our largest piece of equipment. This structure is called the Aquarius and is a huge climbing net. This will require many hands!


We set a goal last fall to add to our playground. Our school community has worked to design, raise money and use our hands to make this a reality. We are already excited for our students and neighborhood to be able to benefit from this additional equipment.

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