Wacky Winterfest Fundraising Will Expand Our Playground Equipment!

We are happy to share our plan for the money we raise during Wacky Winterfest!  Starting in the fall, a playground committee worked to develop plans to add equipment to our west playground. Yes, that's right, add additional equipment! After receiving options from three different companies and seeking student feedback, we are pleased to share the design plans with our students and families. Using money raised during Winterfest, it is our goal to complete installation in the spring. In order to meet this goal, we need your help! Students and families can help us reach this goal by selling raffle tickets, attending Wacky Winterfest and volunteering to help (you may sign up using this Sign Up Genius). You can also help by making a tax deductible donation to Lincoln PALS! When we are ready, we will also be seeking volunteers to help us with the installation. 

A few details about our plan:

 - The pictured equipment will cost approximately $40,500. We will also have additional costs to prepare the area.

 - Purchase and installation of the equipment will not affect other projects funded and supported by PALS.

 - It is our current plan to keep all of our existing equipment on our west playground with one exception. We plan to remove the Supernova.

 - The new equipment will be installed to the west of our current equipment. This will only shorten our soccer field.

See you at Winterfest!

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