Classroom Drills

Classroom Drills

Students and staff routinely practice actions that would be taken in a crisis situation. The drills are clearly identified as only a drill and educators are trained to assist students with psychological safety issues. The importance of listening to adults for instruction in a crisis is also emphasized. If you believe participation in a drill could be detrimental for your child or you would like more information about a drill, please notify a building administrator.

Take Cover
Students and staff stay in the building and move to a predetermined protected location away from windows or anything that could cause falls or injuries. Teachers will give the students further instructions depending on the severity of the event.

Keeps students and staff inside the building but generally allows for free movement within the building. Depending on the situation, exterior doors may be locked and/or ventilation systems shut down.

Students and staff exit the building in response to a fire alarm or an announcement that it is unsafe to remain in the building. Students also practice walking to an alternate site at least every other year and may participate in an exercise simulating parent reunification

Dangerous Intruder
While the subject of dangerous intruders can be unsettling for students and are very rare, they do happen, in schools and other public places. The district has adopted procedures recommended by the U.S. Departments of Education and Homeland Security to use in the event of a dangerous intruder situation. Students will learn about options that can be taken along with discussing ways of preventing these situations. Age-appropriate curriculum for teaching students has been developed by school counselors with input from outside professionals.