Chromebook Repair Costs

The district has tried to keep any expenses to families as low as possible. If a student's Chromebook were to break, it is the responsibility of the family to pay for the cost of repair. The cost of the repair is only for the cost of the part and not for replacing it. Below you will find the pricing list for Samsung and Acer models. There are some cost differences due to there being two different models of Chromebooks.

Replacement Parts

Part Samsung Acer
AC Adapter 12V Power Cord $18 $12
DC Power Cable $5 $3
LCD Screen $52 $63
Plastic Inside LCD Bezel $15 N/A
Plastic LCD Top Cover $25 $10
Plastic Bottom Cover $26 $5
Plastic Hinge Cover $15 N/A
Left or Right Screen Hinge $8 per hinge N/A
Chromebook Motherboard $99 $170
Keyboard $26 $22

The district will be issuing a Chromebook, power cord, and protective sleeve to all students in grades 7-12 for the purposes of expanding what the students can learn and share. Parents are welcome to purchase additional items that might supplement what the district provides. The following information is optional for those interested and not required by the district.


If you are interested in an extra power cord, you can contact the school for purchasing options or order one from Amazon to have an additional one around for students with multiple households.


The district provides a sleeve that will protect the Chromebook from bumps and scratches. If you are looking for case options that would provide more protection, here are some options that we would recommend. Typically, the more costly cases do a better job of protecting the device. Flak Jacket is one of the best for protection and will run about $30.