Additional Support and Resources for Students

Peet Junior High


ECHOES (Every Child Has the Opportunity to Excel and Succeed) is a free after-school program available to all students enrolled at Peet Junior High. This program seeks to provide a safe, inviting and rewarding environment where all Peet students have access to academic enrichment activities.

Two themes define the ECHOES experience:

  1. Power Hour – a program set up to help students achieve greater academic success by allowing time after school to meet with teachers, access school resources, or work with a tutor.
  2. Activity Clubs – a variety of recreational and enrichment activities are offered each night. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to make new friends and explore new talents and interests.

Students and parents may choose what days and how often they wish to attend. All programs will be held at Peet Junior High and are staffed by Peet faculty and members of area youth serving agencies. ECHOES is offered Monday through Thursday from 3:00 until 5:00 p.m. (4:00 on Wednesdays) and an activity bus is available to students needing transportation home. The bus is free and offered to students residing within the Cedar Falls School District limits. For more information, please contact Josh Green, ECHOES Coordinator at 319-404-5045.

Tiger Time

Through Peet Junior High’s commitment to excellence, we want to ensure all students meet the expectation of rigorous curriculum standards. By assisting students through flexible and targeted intervention or through enrichment, we have implemented a time during the day called Tiger Time. Tiger Time is an opportunity for students to get extra help in all classes during the school day and also learn new things of great interest.

Holmes Junior High


Don't forget about Academic Support Grade work nights. Every night in the media center we have staff to help you with your homework. ECHOES is for all students to have the opportunity to use school resources to finish their school work. We encourage students to be responsible for their education and offer assistance to those who need it. Many students also use the time for group project and peer help.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Session I 3:00 - 4:00PM 3:00 - 4:00PM 3:00 - 4:00PM 3:00 - 4:00PM
Session II 4:00 - 5:00PM 4:00 - 5:00PM No Programs No Programs

Tiger Time

Think back to when you were in school – don’t you wish you had time to work with your Math teacher on a hard concept, plan your next essay with an English teacher, extend your learning or learn a new craft or sport with a favorite staff member?

Through Holmes Jr. High’s commitment to excellence, we want to ensure all students meet the expectation of the rigorous curriculum standards. By assisting students either through a flexible and targeted intervention or through extension and enrichment during a time of the day called “Tiger Time”, we are committed to helping students meet the essential course outcomes during the school day. The Holmes Leadership Team is developing an intervention time in the schedule for the 2013-2014 school year. This will change the schedule from previous years but will still provide students enough time to get the instruction they need. “Tiger Time” is an opportunity for students to get extra help in all classes during the school day and also learn new things of great interest.

Teachers will look at grades and other assessment scores on essential skills to determine academic targets are being met. Students who do not require intervention on certain days will be able to partake in enrichment activities offered in a variety of interest areas.

We look forward to “Tiger Time” implementation and believe this program will assist students who are struggling with concepts while enriching students who want to extend their learning.

High School

Credit Recovery

Apex Courses

Students who fail a core class may have the opportunity to take classes in the CFHS Learning Lab.

Learning Lab general guidelines

  1. Student must have failed a core course in the regular class setting.
  2. Students who are deemed credit deficient and in jeopardy of not meeting graduation requirements.
  3. Administration/Counselor approval can also be granted in certain situations.

Responsibilities of students when approved for admission to learning lab:

  1. Students are required to complete all steps of the course.
  2. Student must finish their course by the end of the semester or risk losing the credit.
  3. Students must continue to make academic progress on a weekly basis in order to remain in the learning lab.
  4. Students will receive credit and a grade for their course work on their APEX courses that will go on their high school transcript.

Summer School

Summer School through Cedar Falls high school is typically taught during the month of June year and it usually last for 20 days or 4 weeks. Students are invited to summer school based on seniority and priority in the efforts to help them earn what recovery credits they need to get back on track for graduation with their class. Priority is based on a student's grade level. Seniors with the most need are invited to attend summer school first, then juniors, and so on. Our summer school uses the APEX system so students will work independently using this accredited system and students will have assistance available by our summer school proctors. The grades for the completed classes will be factored into the student transcript. Letters are sent out by the school counseling department in May to invite students to attend summer school and a response by a parent or guardian is required for admittance to summer school. Students that are not readily accepted into summer school are placed on the waiting list. If you have specific questions about summer school please call and ask to speak to one of our school counselors.

Outside high school distance learning classes, typically taken through Hawkeye or Kirkwood HSDL

Cedar Falls High School students have the availability to transfer up to 8 outside credits to be included on their high school transcripts to be used for credit recovery or for credit advancement. Hawkeye Community College and Kirkwood Community College both offer high school distance learning classes for around $150 per class that students can take in order to meet graduation requirements for multiple reasons (such as recovery or advancement).