Comprehensive Counseling Program

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Comprehensive Counseling Program

The counseling program is part of the total school program and complements learning in the classroom. It is child-centered, preventative, and developmental. Our district’s comprehensive program is aligned with the American School Counseling Association’s National Model. It also supports the mission of the Cedar Falls Community Schools which is to educate each student to be a lifelong learner and a caring, responsible citizen.

Our K-12 comprehensive counseling program is based on the following assumptions: for all students. an integral part of the total educational process; supports goals of the total educational program. not a fragmented, isolated function. a team approach: the counselor is not the counseling program. primarily developmental and preventative in nature but contains a remedial emphasis as well. a planned, sequential program to assist students in healthy development.

...includes a comprehensive set of student goals and competencies independent of the total educational program.

...contains specified program components and specific activities designed to achieve competencies at each grade level.

...provides for accountability and is evaluated.

...provides consultation and coordination to staff, parents and the community to assist in implementation of competencies.

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