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Introduction and Overview of PTO Roles

Orchard Hill Elementary is a wonderful school because parents and staff work together for the good of the students. This could not be accomplished without parental support and the volunteer contributions of parents just like you! Job descriptions for PTO board and committee chair roles are listed below. To get you started, here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions:

What does the PTO do for the school?

The PTO works with parents and faculty to organize and facilitate events both during and after school hours that serve to enrich our children's educational experiences and build a stronger community. Some of the programs POWWER helps support include: Fun Fair, Back to School BBQ, Field Trips, Teacher Appreciation, Educational equipment financing, Read-A-Thon, Penny Wars, Playground Equipment financing just to name a few.

Why should I serve on the POWWER board?

1. Your child feels a sense of pride to know that his/her parent holds an office.
2. You get to meet and work with wonderful people!
3. You stay updated and informed on what is going on at our school.
4. You can more effectively suggest change at our school. 
5. Everyone has different strengths and talents. Everyone has something unique to offer our school and our children!

Can I be a member and work full time?

Yes! Many of our members hold a full or part time job and we know and understand that life is busy. You determine the amount of commitment you can make. Some members simply come to meeting to feel involved and be well informed, others invest a lot of time. The choice is yours.

Some duties can be performed from home and some require your presence at the school. Some positions are seasonal and some require some effort for most of the year. Some positions work well if you decide to do them with a friend. Explore which position would be right for you. The time you donate to actively participate in your child's school is time well spent. It shows our children that we care about what they do every day.

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