Confidentiality Issues

Today is a Day 4.

The counselor as a professional, respects confidential communications. Only in cases where there is a potential harm to the counselee or another person will that confidence be broken. Permission from parents is not required for a student to visit with the guidance counselor; however, parents will be notified when specific services are provided for a student on an ongoing basis. I will also call you if there are serious concerns or incidents that I think you should be aware of or know about. In cases where a major problem is found, the parents are referred to a professional outside the school system.

We are a team!

There are also many times when the best way to help a student is to get the parent’s and child's teacher involved. In these situations, the counselor encourages the students to talk with the teacher or parent about their concern either on their own or with the assistance of the counselor. Sometimes the counselor will ask the child's permission to talk with his/her parents or teacher so that we can all work together to help the student.

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