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Holmes Athletic Information

2018 - 2019

Holmes Junior High

505 Holmes Drive

Cedar Falls, IA  50613

(319) 553 - 2650

Director of Activities:

Eric Rosburg

School Colors:

Red and White

School Mascot:


2018 - 2019 Enrollment:   610

Sites of Games and Meets

Football: All home football games will be played at the Holmes Jr. High football field located just south of the school building (except 9 th grade FB games assigned to the high school field)

Volleyball: All home volleyball games will be held in the Holmes Junior High gyms.  Priority for the new gym (higher ceilings) will be given to upper level volleyball matches with 9th grade having first priority.  Please access the both gyms through the Activities Entrance in the rear of the building (South Side). In the event we host 8th or 9th metro tournament - we will play that at Cedar Falls High School.

Cross Country:  All home cross country meets will be held at Birdsall Park in Cedar Falls.

Wrestling: All home wrestling meets will be held in the new gym.  Please access the new gym through the Activities Entrance in the rear of the building (South Side).

Basketball: All home basketball games will be held at Holmes Junior High in either the new or old gym (most games will be held in the old gym located near the front of the building).  Please access the both gyms through the Activities Entrance in the rear of the building (South Side).

Track and Field : All home track meets will be held at the track on the Northwest side of Cedar Falls High School.  

**Dressing Facilities and Locker Room Areas:  Dressing facilities are available for all sporting events held in Holmes Junior High (Basketball, Wrestling, Volleyball).  We cannot guarantee a locker room for the entire event. Towels will be furnished to all Non-Metro Opponents.   

Spectator Admission to Holmes Junior High Events:

Football (at CFHS only), Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Track:

  • Adults - $3.00, Students - $2.00, Pre-school children - Free

  • PK - 12 students/children free with valid Cedar Falls ID .

  • Cedar Falls Booster Pass is valid for all non-tournament games at HJH

Holmes Junior High 2018 - 2019 Athletic Schedules


Head Coach


Season Dates

Football - 9th

Luke Becker

Ian Davis

Si Eiklenborg

Football - 8th

Robert Welter

Jim Moeller

Trey Bronner

Football - 7th

Brad Pierschbacher

Jerry Ward

Kevin Kuker

Volleyball - 9th

Emily Olson

Erin Hendrickson

Volleyball - 8th

Sydney Grell

Brittni Wright

Volleyball - 7th

Lauren Bauer

Angela Wittmer

XC - Girl’s - 7/8

Stephanie Pickett

Ethan Jennings

XC - Boy’s - 7/8

Dan Reid

Fall Cheer - 8/9

Alicia Niehaus

Alex Niehaus

Basketball - G - 9th

Emily Spillman

Basketball - G - 8th

Jim Moeller

Trey Bronner

Basketball - G - 7th

Lauren Bauer

Luke Becker

Basketball - B - 9th

JT Rottinghaus

Basketball - B - 8th

Luke Becker

Matthew Johnson

Basketball - B - 7th

Jim Moeller

Jerry Ward

Kevin Kuker

Wrestling - 7/8

Corey Peters

Logan Mork

Winter Cheer- 7/8/9

Alicia Niehaus

Alex Niehaus

Track/Field - G - 7/8

Luke Becker

Ian Davis

Sydney Grell

Kailyn Bettle

Track/Field - B - 7/8

Dan List

Jerry Ward

JT Rottinghaus

For current and up-to-date schedules, visit:

Map of Holmes Junior High Complex

**Teams, parents, and community are encouraged to enter through the Activities Entrance for all Activities at Holmes Junior High.  This will help separate our after-school programs from athletic events.

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