Board Policies

Last revised: December 12, 2011


Duties and Responsibilities of the Principal

The principal shall, as part of the administrative team, be directly responsible to either the director of secondary education or the director of elementary education. The principal shall meet licensure qualifications for the position.

The principal has four main areas of responsibility:

  • To facilitate the improvement of instruction.
  • To provide instructional leadership for staff.
  • To promote the best possible teaching and learning conditions for students and staff.
  • To function as an integral part of the administrative team in implementing the philosophy and goals of the Cedar Falls Community School District.

The principal’s primary responsibility is to facilitate the improvement of instruction.

  1. As the educational leader of the staff, the principal shall:

    1. Assist all instructional personnel in exploring and understanding the total educational program of the district.
    2. Direct, supervise, and evaluate the instructional and student support programs and staff of his/her school.
    3. Utilize effectively the services of special education personnel.
    4. Interpret the school’s program to parents and patrons of the school.
    5. Encourage positive public relations between school and community.
    6. Engage in continual professional growth through reading, attendance at professional meetings and seminars, and keeping abreast of current innovations in education.
  2. The principal shall promote the best possible teaching and learning conditions for students and staff. To this end, the principal shall:

    1. Supervise the operation and maintenance of the building, grounds, and other school property assigned to his/her care.
    2. Help the beginning teacher adjust to the school, the students, and the community of Cedar Falls.
    3. Assist student adjustment in interpersonal relationships with adults and other students.
  3. Direct and evaluate the work of all assigned personnel under the policies set forth by the Board of Education.

    1. Promote involvement in district-wide professional development.
    2. Plan with staff Professional Development programs that are needed in the individual schools.
    3. Act as supervising principal and assist in the execution of instructional policies by:
      1. Familiarizing himself/herself with existing courses of study and participating in the planning of new and innovative practices in curriculum studies and experiments.
      2. Collaborating with teachers to develop courses of study, curriculum functions, and administrative bulletins necessary to carry out their work in the classroom, and by helping teachers secure instructional materials to carry out the prescribed curriculum.
      3. Obtaining clearance from the appropriate director before initiating changes in courses of study, pupil reporting or curriculum innovations.
      4. Utilizing, when advisable, any administrative or special service personnel for the improvement of instruction.
  4. The principal shall function as an integral part of the administrative team:

    1. Be involved in the recruitment and employment of teachers and all other staff members.
    2. Administer approved requirements of the business office, be held accountable for all school materials and funds under his/her control.
    3. Direct all pupil accounting for the assigned attendance area.
    4. Participate in the interpretation and execution of the policies of the Cedar Falls School District as determined by the Board of Directors, the superintendent of schools and directors of elementary and secondary education.
    5. Work cooperatively with other administrative personnel.
    6. Coordinate activities with those of other schools in the system.
    7. Keep accurate school records and make timely statistical and other reports as required by the director of elementary education, the director of secondary education or the business office.
    8. Assume such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the director of elementary education, the director of secondary education or the superintendent.
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Date of Adoption

November 20, 1972

Date of Revision

January 10, 1983
April 10, 1989
October 14, 1996
October 14, 2002
January 8, 2007
December 12, 2011

Date of Review
May 11, 2015