Board Policies

Last revised: August 8, 2016


Personal Communications

Policy Number: Personal Communications Code No. 403.8 

The Board of Education recognizes the need of its employees to send and receive personal communications during working hours from time to time. Phone calls related to the educational program will be paid for by the District. 

Personal communications should be kept to the absolute minimum. Employees are expected to exercise discretion in making and receiving personal communications during working hours. Personal communications should occur during the employee’s lunch, break or preparation time. 

No personal communications shall be billed to the District. 

Date of Adoption: October 13, 2008 

Date of Revision: May 13, 2013 

August 8, 2016

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Date of Adoption

October 13, 2008

Date of Revision

May 13. 2013
August 8, 2016

Date of Review
August 08, 2016