Board Policies

Last revised: September 11, 2017


Recruitment, Qualifications, and Selection of Personnel

Policy Title: Recruitment, Qualifications, Selection, Assignment and Transfer Code No. 401.5

The superintendent or designee shall be responsible for recruiting personnel for the various positions within the District, with the assistance of other employees as the superintendent or designee may so determine. The superintendent or designee shall take affirmative action to encourage persons to apply in accordance with the District’s affirmative action plan.

The superintendent or designee shall use such methods, advertising media or other sources as may be appropriate to recruit personnel. Vacant positions shall be posted online at the website as required by law. Vacant positions requiring licensed employees not filled via transfer shall generally be advertised in at least one print or electronic publication having statewide circulation. All applicants shall be required to complete an application. Applicants who provide false, inaccurate, or incomplete information in their application form or resume or who fail to disclose information requested in the application form may not be eligible for employment.

To the fullest extent permitted by state and federal law, the District may consider all information concerning an applicant or an employee in making hiring, termination, and other employment-related decisions. The term “all information” includes information of any kind (verbal, written, photographic, videographic, etc.) that is accessible in any medium (print, electronic, etc.) from any source.

The District may consider public information and other information to which it has lawful access. This may include information that is contained in social networking sites, blogs, and other websites. If there is information that pertains to the applicant that requires explanation, interpretation, or clarification when it is considered by the District, it is the applicant’s obligation to communicate this information to the District.

Information that is relevant to the District’s decisions may be considered regardless of the date on which the District obtains the information and regardless of the date on which the information was first published, created, or made accessible to the District.

Employees who have provided false, inaccurate or incomplete information in their application form or resume or who have failed to disclose information requested in the application form will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. This policy applies to all employees regardless of the date on which the individual was employed and applies to all violations regardless of the date on which the District discovers the violation of this policy.

Applications for employment may be obtained and completed online at the District’s website or applicants may contact the Human Resource Department for assistance in completing an application. Administrators and supervisors will follow district hiring practices to fill positions in their work area and will make recommendations to the superintendent or designee concerning employment and assignment.

Selection and assignment of staff shall be based upon the following:

  • All professional employees shall be properly certificated, authorized or licensed as required by statute, the Iowa Department of Education and the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners and as required by the District’s job descriptions.
  • All classified employees shall be properly licensed by the State if a license is required by law or by the District’s job description.
  • Educational and other training where such training is necessary or appropriate for the position.
  • Needs of the District.
  • Demonstrated ability to fulfill all aspects and essential duties of the position.
  • Demonstrated rapport with children, fellow workers, and others.
  • Ability to exercise discretion and good judgment.
  • Diligence and dependability.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Ability to follow instructions and suggestions of supervisors.
  • Compatibility with the District’s philosophy and programs.
  • Adherence to professional ethics.
  • Personal qualities advantageous to the position.
  • History of past successful job experiences.
  • If applicable, impact on the school and or department from which an employee is requesting an internal transfer, as well as the “fit” with the existing staff in the school and or department into which an internal transfer has been requested.
  • Satisfactory outcomes on post-offer pre-employment testing and, where applicable, pre-assignment testing including, but not limited to, drug and alcohol testing and physical abilities testing.
  • Other factors or qualities as may be determined from time to time by the administrative and supervisory staff.

The District shall carefully consider the facts relating to any applicant who has a known history of a criminal conviction or of a conviction or judicial or administrative finding of child, dependent adult, or sexual abuse, and shall make an employment decision in accordance with applicable law. The District shall perform criminal and abuse background checks and drug and alcohol testing as required by law and as deemed necessary by the administration.

Employment of administrators and teachers shall require Board of Education approval. The superintendent or designee will have the authority to employ:

  • licensed employees, other than administrators and teachers
  • supervisors, managers and coordinators
  • classified employees Determining the assignment of each employee, the location where the assignment will be performed, and voluntary/involuntary transfers is within the sole discretion of the Board and the authority to make such decisions is delegated to the superintendent or designee.

Date of Adoption:
September 8, 2008

Date of Revision:
June 10, 2013
June 8, 2015
August 8, 2016
September 11, 2017

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Date of Adoption

September 8, 2008

Date of Revision

June 10, 2013
June 8, 2015
August 8, 2016
September 11, 2017

Date of Review
September 11, 2017