Student Council


Student Council


Students are invited to run for student council positions.

Peet Junior High School

The purpose of the council is to exchange ideas and make recommendations for improvement of our school and community. Students will apply to serve as representatives on student council. They will present the views of students to the council, faculty, and administration. In the fall, students elect president, vice-president, secretary and at-large officers.

Holmes Junior High School

The Student Council has the responsibility of dealing with concerns and questions, planning activities, and making recommendations for our junior high school. One student representative is elected from each social studies class.

The objectives of the student council are:

  • To represent the student body and their ideas with democratic leadership
  • To create cooperation between the student body and the faculty
  • To work for the betterment of the school
  • To improve the school spirit by participation in school activities
  • To provide an example for the student body in proper school conduct
  • And to make school activities orderly and organized.

Cedar Falls High School

Student Forum/Student Senate - All sophomores, juniors, and seniors are welcomed and encouraged to participate in Student Forum/Student Senate. Student Forum/Student Senate is made up of the four elected officers displayed below. Mrs. Gardner, the faculty advisor welcomes all participants. Students interested in participating in Student Forum/Student Senate should regularly attend meetings held Wednesday mornings at 7:15 A.M. in the auditorium. Morning meetings help the group address student concerns, brainstorm ways to improve the school, and plan events such as: Homecoming, CFHS Student Hunger Drive, and individual service projects, Dance Marathon, Tiger Trot 5K, Blood Drive and the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast. The CFHS Student Government strives to be active and include all students. Please join us and help us work to lead our school.

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