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Last revised: May 13, 2013


Requirements for Graduation Cedar Falls Alternative Education Program

The Cedar Falls Alternative Education Program (CFAEP) is designed for students who have not been successful in the regular educational environment and/or may benefit from an alternative delivery of curriculum. The CFAEP is designed for students in grades 9-12. Students may earn credits to be transferred to the high school or complete their educational program and earn a diploma from the CFAEP.

A total of 38 credits are necessary to fulfill the requirements for graduation from the CFAEP. The following academic requirements must be met:


Physical Education (.25 credits awarded each semester) 1 credit
Science 6 credits
Mathematics 6 credits
English 8 credits
Personal Economics* 1 credit
Social Studies (including American Govt., US History, & World Studies) 6 credits
Electives 10 credits
Total credits needed for graduation 38 credits

* Personal Economics requirement may be met by successfully completing one of the following courses:

  • Adult Living
  • Economics
  • Mathematics of Personal Finance

Credits earned at a student’s previous school may be applied toward the graduation requirements for the CFAEP.

In addition to the academic requirements, a student must complete a minimum of four (4) credits at the CFAEP to be eligible for an alternative school diploma.

A student wishing to graduate from Cedar Falls High School must complete all requirements for the CFHS diploma and be enrolled at the high school for his/her final semester. A maximum of ten (10) CFAEP credits may be transferred to the high school and applied towards the CFHS diploma. Exceptions must be approved by the high school principal.

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Date of Adoption

August 9, 2004

Date of Revision

May 11, 2009
September 13, 2010
May 13, 2013