Board Policies

Last revised: May 13, 2013


Curriculum Area Structure

The purpose of the PK-12 curriculum articulation process is to provide a broad-based curriculum development structure that will promote a smoothly flowing and efficiently operating instructional program.

Curriculum development will occur when there is opportunity for involvement of the professional staff at the building level and when there is effective leadership in each area.

It is the policy of the Cedar Falls Community Schools to have the professional staff involved in the establishment of content standards and benchmarks.

Staff members in each curriculum area will be involved in curriculum development and revision through the existing structure.

The building curriculum chairperson will meet on a regular basis with the members of the curriculum department within the building. The committee members, through the curriculum chairperson, will provide suggestions for curriculum improvement for district-wide study.

The building curriculum chairperson will meet on a regular basis with the building principal. The building curriculum chairperson will provide the building principal with suggestions for curriculum improvement on a building level basis.

An administrative coordinator will be assigned to a curriculum department(s). They will serve those assignments on a rotating basis, meeting with the building chairpersons of the assigned department as deemed necessary. Meeting agendas will be developed from items submitted to the administrative coordinator. The building chairpersons will select a meeting leader from their group.

Secondary building curriculum chairpersons will meet on a regular basis with the director of secondary education. These meetings may be single discipline or multidisciplinary in nature.

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Date of Adoption

November 27, 1978 (effective July 1, 1979)

Date of Revision

January 10, 1983
April 10, 1989
January 13, 1997
December 13, 1999
March 10, 2003
April 13, 2009
May 13, 2013