Board Policies

Last revised: May 13, 2013


Responsibilities for Co-Curricular Activities

The primary purpose of co-curricular activities is the enrichment of the regular curriculum. However, there are secondary functions such as the building of school spirit and school morale, the social integration of the student body, and the financing of various student body organizations. Co-curricular activities also offer opportunities for wider participation in democratic citizenship, stimulates cooperation and provides for the development of individual interest and abilities. Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the school experiences of the student and should receive the same thoughtful planning and supervision given to classroom activities.

The principal and/or Activities Director is responsible for all co-curricular activities that take place in the name of, or under the auspices, of the school.

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Date of Adoption

June, 1965

Date of Revision

September 10, 1979
December 11, 1989
January 13, 1997
March 10, 2003
April 13, 2009
May 13, 2013