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Last revised: May 13, 2013


Comprehensive Health Program

A comprehensive health program is an integral part of comprehensive school improvement and creates continuity linkages within the school and between school, home, and community.

It is the policy of the Board that a comprehensive health program shall be developed which includes the following components:

  • Health services Health education Nutrition
  • Physical education Counseling
  • Staff wellness
  • Family and community involvement Safe and healthy environment

Health services, coordinated by the school nurse, are designed to promote, protect, maintain and improve the health of all students and staff. The nurse will facilitate student access to health services including access and referral to primary health care resources.

A comprehensive health education program for students K-12 will be included in the comprehensive health program. State required health topics include: personal health, food and nutrition, environmental health, safety and survival, consumer health, family life, substance use and nonuse, emotional and social health, health resources, and disease prevention.

A comprehensive health program includes a nutritional services program that provides food services, free and reduced meals for qualifying students, and a special diet plan/modification for students with special dietary needs.

A physical education/activity program for all students is included in the comprehensive health program. The program promotes physical activity, health and safety.

Counseling services are provided in the comprehensive health program. This includes a curriculum, which focuses on academic, career, and personal/social issues. Referral to appropriate community agencies are made as needed.

The comprehensive health program includes promotion of parent and community communication and involvement to assure a safe and healthy school. District health services will cooperate and coordinate services with community and governmental agencies and officials.

Health and wellness activities for the school staff and professional development activities for the health providers are included.

A comprehensive health program promotes a safe and healthy environment by identifying health and safety concerns in the school environment and promoting a nurturing health environment. This includes disaster preparedness plans and practice drills, and reporting of accidents accurately and promptly.

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Date of Adoption

July 11, 1977

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September 10, 1979
January 24, 1983
January 8, 1990
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